PoliGraph: Arguing for and against public pre-K

The 2015 session will be remembered as the one when Gov. Mark Dayton and the Legislature couldn’t come to terms on education funding. Dayton vetoed the education bill. Dayton wants $150 million more in the K-12 education bill to support pre-kindergarten programs in public schools. Republicans and some DFLers say the additional $400 million they put into education should be enough. Most of it is going to the per pupil formula. It’s an issue that has pitted Dayton against members of his own part

PoliGraph: MNsure rate hike rhetoric flies; claims inconclusive

MNsure, the state's new health insurance exchange, has been a flashpoint in this year's election from the top to the bottom of the ticket. Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson has repeatedly brought up flaws in the rollout and implementation of the exchange. Conservative groups are making MNsure an issue in Minnesota House races as well. A few weeks ago, Gov. Mark Dayton was able to defend the exchange when the Minnesota Department of Commerce announced that the average rate for pla

PoliGraph: McFadden not responsible for mill job losses

Republican Senate hopeful Mike McFadden’s apparent role in a restructuring deal that cost more than 400 people their jobs in Montana is the subject of Sen. Al Franken’s latest ad against McFadden. The minute-long ad is bleak. Former employees of the Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. mill in Frenchtown, Montana, stand outside the facility’s shuttered gates talking about how long they worked at the paper board plant. “Mike McFadden was the CEO of the company that helped put us out of work,” says one

PoliGraph: ‘1 percent’ ad against GOP’s Mills misleads

As it was in 2012, the race for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District is expected to be one of the most hotly contested in the country this year. Already, outside groups are pouring money into the area in the form of ads and fliers. That includes a six-figure ad run purchased jointly by AFSCME Council 5 and House Majority PAC, two democratic-leaning groups working to defeat Republican Stewart Mills, who is running against DFL incumbent Rep. Rick Nolan. The ad includes clips of Mills speaking

McCaughey claims end-of-life counseling will be required for Medicare patients

Republicans have found many reasons to oppose the Democrats' health care proposal, but this is one of the oddest.  Betsy McCaughey, chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths and former lieutenant governor of New York state, says the bill goes too far to encourage senior citizens to end their lives. On the radio show of former Sen. Fred Thompson on July 16, 2009, McCaughey said "Congress would make it mandatory — absolutely require — that every five years people in Medicare have